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The training and learning process, to be useful, "must be continuous, even permanent, i.e. lasting lifelong" as the "setting of oneself up or personality is unthinkable in any other way than that one of a training which is continuous and perpetually unfinished"(see Zygmunt Bauman).

In this society of knowledge, within the work context, the global market and the development of new technologies are focused on the spreading of ever higher professional standards.
To answer the raising of skills and required qualifications, therefore, the implementation of actions of specific training becomes essential to reduce the risk of the economic and social exclusion.

In this context, the professional training took and is taking relevance, as decisive resource for the improvement of the working position.

The professional training, aiming to the development of the individual skills and knowledge required for the performance of a particular job, facilitates the employability, contributing to the economic development, to the achievement of the full occupancy and to the promotion of the social inclusion.

In this context, Cesvil’s main aim is that to train individuals through qualification pathways, specialisation, updating and perfecting courses, performed in a wide range of training systems, accordingly to the recipients’ needs.

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